• Olgani Sage & Spearmint Mouth Wash is an all-natural, powder-form blend of sea salt with organic herbal extracts, organic essential oils and calcium carbonate. Its mild antibacterial properties help prevent the build-up of dental plaque, stimulate the production of saliva and reduce the number of harmful bacteria in the mouth. Sage & Spearmint Mouth Wash offers effective gum disease prevention.
  • Perio Plus+ Balance with CHX 0.05% and CITROX/P formula (200 ml) CHX mouthwash enhanced by CITROX – the power of nature Perio Plus+ Balance reduces the risk of caries and gingivitis for wearers of orthodontic appliances, in cases of treatment-related dry mouth and in cases of motor impairment. For long-term use.
  • Perio Plus Protect – Regenerate Mouthwash 200ml (0.09% CHX) + CITROX. Composition: Chlorhexidine-Digluconate 0.09% CITROX® Hyaluronic acid (HA) Xylitol PVP-VA Polylysine Perio Plus+ Regenerate provides intensive care following oral surgery. It combines HA and CHX to promote effective regeneration of oral tissues for improved post-surgical results. Perio Plus+ Regenerate helps to speed up the recovery period.
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