our Dental Procedures

Outstanding care

Whether your dental needs include a complete exam and cleaning, a full-mouth rehabilitation or anything in between, we guarantee to provide you with unparalleled and outstanding care. A healthy mouth is a gateway to good health. Research indicates that poor oral health can have a detrimental impact on your general wellbeing and may even increase your risk of stroke, heart disease and respiratory disease.
Below are just some of the many dental solutions and services we frequently present to our patients. Should you have any questions or concerns and would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us today.



  • Minimally invasive dentistry
  • Conservation of natural tooth structure
  • Digital photography
  • Anti-Cavity program
  • Digital X-rays, with 90% less radiation
  • Composite fillings
  • Extractions including wisdom teeth removal
  • Aesthetic tooth reshaping and smoothing
  • Porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges
  • Fixed and removable dentures and partial dentures
  • Denture repairs
  • Root canal treatments
  • Dental implant crowns
  • Teeth whitening
  • Full mouth and bite reconstruction
  • Headache and TMJ disorder solutions
  • Oral cancer detection
  • Sedation for reducing anxiety
  • Treatment under general anaesthesia
  • Dermal fillers
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