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Up until recently, the field of dentistry has used restorative materials based only on their dental function, while ignoring the effect these materials may have on the rest of the body. As an example, silver fillings contain 50% mercury, which is a harmful neurotoxin. These fillings have been used for the last 150 years. Similar alloys have continued to be used for dental purposes, despite the fact that they are unsafe for the body’s overall health.As a fully biological dental practice we view the gums and teeth as a symbiotic part of the entire body. That is to say, we understand that the condition of your teeth, good or bad, can affect the overall health of your body. This holistic approach to dental health results in solutions not just for your teeth, but doing so while the rest of your body is affected as little as possible.

Metal-free dentistry & holistic dentistry avoids known toxins and uses biocompatible testing to determine whether a particular material is appropriate for your unique biochemistry. This testing can reveal whether existing dental materials are the reason for your health problems. The results enable us to identify a compatible material for your dental work. Additionally, holistic dentists use a meticulous protocol for removing existing amalgams. This eliminates the risk that you will inhale or swallow the dangerous particles.

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